A Time Traveller’s Love story

It was the time, when I was in my intermediates and a new boy came to our class. Good looking and smart, no doubt he got transferred from a good university to ours. He introduced himself as Max. He walked straight towards me and greeted with a 'Hi'. He was charming. His dressing sense, appearance and the brain was way advanced and developed than rest of the students. Gladly I accepted his friendship. Within days we became good friends. Now that I had only two best friends Max and John. We were best of buddies, played together and baseball was the sport that we enjoyed most. Catching, striking -- practiced whole day. Being a girl, I was so comfortable with them, so were they.

I was punctual to my Physics class that day. Mr. 'Issac Newton' -- that's what I used to call our Physics teacher, was late. That was quite unusual as he was punctual in previous days. He was intellectual and very much dame care about his cloths and appearance. I'm sure intelligence get no time for a makeover. Ohh! He entered the class.

"Do you know, why I am late today because you have a surprise test." Said Mr Moore (real name of Mr Issac Newton), right after keeping his steps inside the classroom. His signature devil smile was there on his face. My marks were not too shabby. Though I was not exactly smart, but you couldn't call me stupid either. Max used to sleep during the tests. He used to sit three desks ahead of me. He finished the papers much earlier than others. He was good in Physics that I knew and because of him I was also taking a keen interest in learning. 

Now I had to put all papers together and carry to Moore's cabin. Books, research papers, and several theories on quantum physics were lying on his desk as he was doing an extended study on dimensional relation between time, space and relativity. On board, there were a lot of numbers and calculations were written and strange lines were drawn. I was curious to know about his work and watching keenly things around me then, I saw on quote written in bold on board, 'Control The Time to Control Everything'. Mr Moore instructed me to keep the papers on the desk and to leave as he became busy on his land phone, dealing numbers. Probably he was trying to call someone and response was fertile. I stayed there for a while before leaving. I found one door to a room which was at the end of his cabin. I decided to walk towards and when I pushed the door to peep into, all I saw were tubes, beakers and chemicals. I felt someone was there in that room -- hidden. I was curious to know but as Mr Moore already instructed me to leave, I decided not to get into his laboratory things without his concern. I decided to close the door and before taking a step back, I noticed a shiny small ball. Now I was so curious that I couldn't control to explore. I looked for Mr Moore, he wasn't there in his cabin. I decided to go in and see that object and did so. Closing the door from inside, I walked towards the glowing round shaped object. There was no-one in that laboratory. There was something mystical. Except me, at that time, there was presence of nobody but a strange whisper was clearly audible to my ears. I saw someone's shadow in the one of the beaker. It was a human like tiny appearance and moving slightly. Curiously while stretching my hands towards the beaker, I suddenly heard someone opening the laboratory door and trying to come in. I was afraid to get caught by Mr Moore. Unconsciously I put my hand on the shining object. Next couple of seconds, I was inside something that even I don’t know what was it. Looking like something that science describes as a loop. The only thing I sensed during that time was mild shocks of electricity and a chilling electric storm around me. I couldn't know exactly for how long I was in there but got my sense back when I fell down on the floor of that laboratory.

What happened just now! There was no such study of electro magnetic loop in our syllabus. I was curious and shocked enough that I probably experienced an invention or a noticeable discovery of science.

I quickly got up from the floor, walked out through the door and ran towards the classroom.

Max was little worried seeing me devastated and asked me the reason behind unusual sweating. When I told the incident that happened in Mr Moore's lab, John was believing me but  Max started laughing.

"You are such a stupid. Really my stomach hurts" Max mocked at me while laughing really hard on my shinny ball story.

"Max! You are laughing way too hard. Able, do you want to have CT Scan? Ensure everything is correct with your head" said John  and they both started laughing.

"Hey! Hey! That ball didn’t fall on it’s own. Someone was there inside the tubes" I told in a bit stronger voice to prove my point.

"Someone Who?" Max quivered his eyes and asked.

"I think Max, it was you. I am not sure" I responded in a whispering voice.

"Why would I knock you over there?" Max again did mock at me and I was upset that boys always act stupid -- so were my best friends.

"I don’t know who was there. Leave it, I must leave" I wished a good bye and left.

"Hey, you are leaving me behind with this guy. That’s not fair!" Max said to tease John now.

I didn't say anything as I was feeling little uneasy. So I started my bicycle. Now I was in that slant road which I hated the most and at the end of that road railway crossing was there. My mind was there in side that lab and the happenings. All of so sudden, I just missed to hit one woman with the kid.

"Hey girl! Are you blind or what?" Lady screamed on me.

If today were a normal day, there wouldn’t have been any problems. Brakes of my  bicycle were gone. I hit the crossing and now I was in the air. It was crazy but I was probably going to die by hit of train. If I had known, I would have gotten up earlier. I wouldn’t have slept in..Wouldn’t have been late and today was supposed to be 'NICE' day. Train rushed towards me. I was going to get hit but I don’t know something just happened and in the next moment, I hit that woman whom I missed few minutes back.

"Hey girl! Are you blind or what?" Lady screamed on me. I fell on the road and shocked that the same incident happened for the second time in last 10 minutes.

Did I do time travelling! I was in a loop of time leap. But not sure how all those happened. I quickly got up, asked for an apology from the woman and walked to the nearest park. I kept my bicycle near the willow tree, looked here and there and jump from somewhat high point. To my surprise, I just did once more time leap. This time I was at my house two days back. To confirm this process, I did this so many times. Now I could come and go as I please. I could sleep all I want in the morning, I wouldn't have to go back when I forget something. If I missed a TV show, I could go back and see it again.

Time leaping was the best! I just couldn’t quit. Everyday was so much fun! I had to keep this hidden from everyone. Even max and John were having no idea that I somehow got a superhuman power or at least something like that.

Life was amazing. One fine day, when we all three were leaving for home, one girl from psychology department stopped Max and asked to talk. John and I moved leaving Max behind with her. After a while he joined us.

"What was she asking ?" Asked John.

"Nothing much. She is curious whether Able and I are dating." Max responded casually.

"What did you say?" I now asked.

"Obvious! I told we are not dating. Then she asked whether she can go out with me!" Max replied. He wasn't excited but was smiling.

"And are you planning to date her? What did u reply?" John asked Max while I too showed my interest to know.

"Nothing! I told, I don’t think much about it. If I want to go I would take Able." Max replied and looked at me. Did he just ask me indirectly to go out with him? How awkward!

"What did you just say?" John responded and he was equally surprised.

"Never mind! Let's go home, where is your bicycle, Able?" Max changed the topic as that was nothing but just a casual joke.

"I have given for repair." I responded.

"Let me drop you" Max insisted and started his scooter.

"Are you really not interested in her?" I asked curiously while sitting behind.

"Able! I really like you" Now that Max's voice was heavy. I didn't answer to that. An awkward silence embraced the situation for quite some time.

"You didn't answer, Able?" Max asked once again after a while.

"Where did this come from! We are friends." I responded. Though I was flaunting a purity in my voice yet the confusion between words was not hidden from Max.

Now that Max made it really difficult for me and even I was definitely unsure what reply I should give. When he was driving, I, jumped down the scooter and did my time leap as I was not ready for it. Reach to the position where he was offering me ride, I thanked him and did not take the ride.

Next day I went to my Aunt's place to discuss this as she was the only one whom I told that I leap the time. She kept my secrets hidden since I was a kid.

"I think you should go out with Max. If it wouldn't work, you still would have the option to time leap." Aunt suggested me while preparing a mug of strong black coffee.

"Are you sure?" I asked. Aunt met Max twice but she really liked him the way he was. 

"It’s also possible to fall in love after you have been confessed to. Poor Max! I knew from the very first day I saw him. He is brewing his feelings since a long." Aunt smiled and said while sipping from her mug. That day I came back home but was still unsure.

After that I just started hiding from him -- in the class, in the playground, canteen almost everywhere. He kept on searching for me. Though I was not feeling good in doing this but I was confused to face him. So again I decided to visit my Aunt.

"Have you ever noticed? Max replies to all your messages in just a fraction after you sent. I don’t think that he is always free to reply all your messages but he always tried to make you feel special. Don’t you think so?" Aunt's voice was convincing enough. 

"But we are just friends..." I murmured with a low peach. That day we baked a pineapple cake together for Aunt's cousin. She appreciated a lot my skills in kitchen. 

"Hey Able! What is that on your hand! Looks like a number." Aunt asked. She surely noticed the unusual strange number on my left arm.

"I don’t know but it's changing. Last day it was 90 and today it is 80." I replied.

I was disturbed enough with happenings with me. Somehow I was connecting every dots and gathering a feeling that there was surely some connections between whatever happening to me since last one month and everything started from Mr Moore's laboratory. I decided for a time leap to see who was that person that I saw when for the first time I was in that laboratory.

I was standing and Mr Moore was busy on a call. He was trying hard to dial a number and he was stressed. Without wasting time on knowing whom he was trying to connect, I walked towards the laboratory. 

I was hiding behind the closed door and was trying to see through the door to know whose shadow was there. After a while being there, I got a beep on my cell phone. I quickly opened the chat box and the text was that John was taking his friend to hospital on my bicycle.

I thought it's ok, but after a while I realised that today was the day only when the brakes of my bicycle was not working and John was also going to take that steep road that I took and about to die. No way he was gone instead of me as I was here, he left for the hospital. I was calling but he was not picking up. I was unsure if anything happened to John or any of my friends.

What should I do! All the thing I did was ran madly to that steep road. I reached the spot where I hit the lady and a kid month ago but everything was normal there. 

"Is there any accident happened?" I asked the same lady I once hit.

She replied, "I don’t think any accident happened here. Are you ok girl?" 

I felt relieved. After few seconds, my phone rang. It was Max. "Where are you, Able?" he asked .

I told I was just outside come back soon.

"Anything happened?" Max asked me surprisingly. He added, "Ok choose one colour and one finger."

"What? But why?" I questioned him. I was not in a mood to play any game.

"Just choose, I would say something." I was denying as I feared he would again raise a topic of dating. 

"Ok, I choose green colour and my pinky finger." I replied to him.

"Cool! Now one question for you?" Max asked me to answer to him after listening his question.

"What?" I was astonished that at this point of time how Max could play a questioner. 

"Can you do time leap?" Max asked. 

Sudden silence…

Then I thought of  doing time leap to  stay away from this question and I did time leap.

Now I was again on the call  with Max but this time somehow I changed the topic and not let him to ask that question. When I saw my hand, the number was changed to '00' which first time was '90'. 

"Is that the number indicates the number of times I could time leap. Ohh! I wasted my last time leap with something stupid."

Anyway John was al right and Max didn’t know my secret also.

After few seconds, I heard my name, it was John who was calling me from my bicycle. Ohh! I did time leap few seconds back, John was passing me  on that steep road.

"Let me borrow your bicycle little more" John told in a louder tone so that I could hear.

"Wait, wait John" I was calling and running behind him.

After running few meters I fall on the street by getting hit on something and saw him hitting the crossing and about to hit by the train.

I started screaming, "Wait No! God Please" and closed my eyes.

To my surprise, when I opened my eyes, time had stopped. I was few minutes before in the time. Everyone was frizzed -- the wind, people around and all those happenings.

"So this is you?" somebody told from behind.

"Max! What are you doing here?" I screamed, "Where is John?"

"He is safe." Max told.

"Did you do this? You can leap too?" I asked.

"If I tell you that I came from future, another dimension -- Would you laugh?" Max was serious. He further added,

"I'm from 2050, Thirty-Two years ahead of this time. In my era, they have developed a device that let you travel freely back and forth in time. The shiny ball which you saw in Mr Moore's room, Remember? Thats the device that connects to the future. Mr Moore is having no idea about the thing in his laboratory."

"Why did you travel back in time?" I asked.

"Because…." He paused unusually.

"Tell me Max" I stood up holding his hand and asked him.

"I needed some peace" Max was replying in a down voice. He further added,"In my era, there is a war going on everywhere. Have you heard of World War?"

"Third World War!" I asked.

"Yes! It would all start from the year 2040. Countries like USA and China and already down by nuclear blasts. Democracy would be no more there."

"To get some peace I travelled back in time frequently. I usually don't stay in a time more than a week but here after I met you, I decided to stay forever but it was not possible. So started travelling frequently. Do you remember? I used to stand down the biggest artwork in University? It would be destroyed in a fire in my era. The only confirmed record of its existence would be in this time. "

"Would you go back someday?" I asked. I was low as I came to know that Max would leave someday.

"I can’t go back anymore. Still there is a hope left." Max said. He was sad.

"Why? Why can't you travel back in your time once after war ends there?" I asked with one breathe.

"To save John, I used up all my turns. Now it's '00' -- just as yours. I relay on Mr Moore now to fix up." He told showing his hand.

"What would you do if it doesn't? Do you have anyone here?" I asked.

"No!" He replied.

"You should have saved your turns, Max" I told.

"It was the right time. You don’t remember but John died once at that crossing. A certain someone was crying with guilt, so I had no choice" Max added,"I would have gone long ago but before I feel like going, it was summer and for one more time, I saw you. Being with you was too much fun. It was the first time I ever saw a running river on the surface as there are no rivers in my era -- no water. The only evidence of natural oceans and rivers were on text books. It was the first time I ever rode a scooter on the road. It was the first time that I saw how vast the sky was. It was the first time I had seen so many people in one place -- dancing, hand in hand."

"Say Max! Was there any connection between that painting and you? You spent hours looking at it" I asked. Time was frizzed except Max and I.

"Did you ever notice, that painting is same as you -- and did you see the name of the artist written down there?" Max asked.

"No. Who was the artist? I heard there was no strong evidence of the art work and the year it had done in university." I replied.

"The Artist was Max Sam-well. I did that art work years ago. I was in this era once before this time, then the very first time I saw you. I proposed and you rejected my proposal at first. Then I made that painting for you and the next day when you saw that, you came running towards me and hugged me. We both had lived our love story once already. Then I had to go back in my time. I took a promise from you to see you there in my time. I searched for you but got no trace. When I looked for the evidence of the painting, it was no more there. I came to know from sources that you died in a train accident in 2018, means this year, right after I left." 

"Max.. " I murmured. 

"So I came back again and now I think I have fixed things and I thought once I would go back in time, I would find you there. But now I can't go. And I can't survive in a time zone, which is not belonging to me, for a long time." Max finished.

Max was telling a whole story that I didn't even remember but I was believing and one part of me was weeping.

"I am not a mathematician but I know one thing that there are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. These are followed by each other yet, there is a distance of infinite. Mr Moore knew about me. He would help me to get one more turn to travel back in my era if at all he fixes." He said.

"Please stay..." I murmured with a heavy voice. That day John was saved so was I. Max was stuck in this era because of me. It wasn't the first time I was in love with him. Now, even I started realising that I had fallen for him not once, not twice, but each time he travelled back in time.

The next morning was normal for everyone. I reached university and stood down the huge painting. I found out the calligraphic writings and the name of the artist. It was Max. I stood there for quite a long time. I realised Max's love for me would always bring him here and suffer. 

I ran towards Mr Moore's cabin. He was still there. He looked surprised seeing me but I explained everything that happened with me in that lab. He looked shocked. I asked him to fix one more turn to leap in time instead of giving one turn to Max to travel back in time. I was sure he would come back once again for me. Mr Moore was a genius and he did this for me. Then I noticed my hand…

I did my jump and now I was in time loop and reached when I first found that shiny ball in Mr Moore's lab. I kept that ball in my pocket and went to search for Max.

"John! Where is Max?" I asked. John was in the playground.

"He is in classroom, waiting for us. You go, I will join after a while." Said John and went back to finish the match. 

I started running towards the classroom. Max was sitting alone. Without a delay, I took the shiny object from my pocket and showed to him. 

"Where did you find it, Able?" Max asked me surprisingly. He added,"Do you know what it is?"

"Trust me I do." I replied. 

"Who told you about this?" He surprisingly asked.

"You only told me, Max" I replied.

"I didn’t. I couldn’t have." Max was confused enough and astonished.

"You told me everything. About the era you live in. About this shiny ball like device which helps you to travel in times. "

"Can I ask you few questions?" I asked.

"Sure!" He replied.

"Have I ever crossed your mind ?" I asked.

"No way!" Max replied casually.

"Do you like me?" I added one more question.

"As a good friend! Why?" He replied.

I felt bad. I was about to leave. I noticed that someone came to me and hugged me from behind. it was Max…

"The reason you never crossed my mind because you are always in my mind. The reason why I don’t like you is because I love you. The reason why I don’t want you is because I need you." He said looking into my eyes. 

"But I don't. I don't remember if I had ever been or would be in a relationship with you Max. Because I like John." I said, without looking into his eyes. 

He looked devastated. I wanted him to believe that this time there wouldn't be anymore reason to come back. I wanted Max to forget me. His eyes were wet and all the thing he told while fading away, "I would wait for you in future. Please remember everything and come back..." and disappeared. 

John came rushing from playground. 

I wiped my tears and asked him, "John! Do you remember Max?" 

"Who is he? Never heard of this name." John replied.

John's reply gave a peace to my heart. This time instead of tears, I would have smile on my face. Max would find peace somewhere, despite-of travels between dimensions and time leaps. He would be free from the bind of my love. But I would remember everything forever and someday, in 2050, I would look for him -- for once -- to see him from a far.


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