Gazing Fairy

I would be your companion,
Rather than your noble conquest-
Learn to talk to me - I would understand you,
Without making a mistake...

When your hand is firmly on the reins,
I would take you where you want-
Trust me like your soulmate,
I won't fail you - I can't...

Don't be afraid of me,
I have the strength to lift you-
If you must fight - take me,
I will watch over you...

If you were choose only one friend,
I would be the one-
The way I love you,
I have loved no-one...


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  1. Beautiful photo of you and your horse and lovely poem! xox

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  2. srijan says:

    you’ve been to many places which tells me that you love traveling and as i read you, i got to the know the romantic you, the sweet you, the poetic you and the storyteller you. you seem really sensible, but i do wonder, what are you like in person, beyond these words, that you write. loved reading you. wishing you all the best.

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      1. srijan says:

        Hello! I hope you’ve been well 🙂

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      2. yes… absolutely. I went through your poetries. They are really heart touching..


      3. srijan says:

        well, thankyou! i just really write what i feel. i liked reading you travelling while glimpsing to the many sides to you. you’re quite intriguing.

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      4. Well Thank You Srijan.


      5. srijan says:

        Do you still travel alone?

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      6. Sometimes.. Travelling and being consumed by wanderlust has nothing to do with solo or companionship….!


      7. srijan says:

        well, nature is indeed beautiful. but i feel, i personally would enjoy it more, if i had someone that i love beside me, for love is all about memories. and so yeah. but i understand your point 🙂

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      8. srijan says:

        Hey, do you’ve an email, i can contact you on?

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      9. srijan says:

        thankyou. I’ll say hi 🙂

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      10. srijan says:

        I did 🙂

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Then you probably never spent quality time alone with nature …! My friend

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